Ozer Ministries, Inc. is a non profit organization dedicated to providing hope and healing through the power of change. Ozer provides character based counseling for individuals, couples, youth and families. Founded in 1987 by John and Daryl Hersh, Ozer Ministries, Inc. has provided effective counseling on a broad range of issues including marital and family relationships, youth with at-risk behaviors, substance abuse and addictions, anger issues, grief and loss.

Our comprehensive counseling services focus on the building blocks of character which includes the fundamental values of honesty, commitment, integrity, accountability, personal responsibility and building trust.

Ozer is of Hebrew origin meaning “Helper". Ozer Ministries, Inc. is dedicated to  "helping people to help themselves and in turn help others".

John E. Hersh

John is the Exective Director and Co-Founder of Ozer Ministries. John had over 20 years experience in working with grief and loss before he co-founded Ozer Ministries. SInce then he has a heart for working with youth with at-risk behaviors in detention. Could it be that they have experienced much loss in their lives?

Daryl K. Hersh

Daryl is the Assistant Executive Director and Co-Founder of Ozer Ministries. Daryl has over 34 years of working with trauma and has a keen understanding of the healing process. From her background of teaching and pre-med, she loves to connect to people.

Change is Possible

When I started seeing Daryl, I was really at a low point in my life - - confused, hurting, and struggling emotionally. My boyfriend was very unhappy with life. He had suffered a lot of abuse from his childhood, hated his job but refused to do anything about either. Instead he blamed me, threatened the kids when they didn't comply, and berated me constantly for not living up to his standards. I felt compelled to always try to "fix" things but no matter how hard I tried, things were never "okay" with him. It was always my fault.

I had a couple of affairs which I am not proud of but it felt so good for a man to appreciate and value me. It was at this point in time, I began to see Daryl professionally. I have worked hard with her help and made many changes. Unfortunately, my boyfriend never did take any responsibility for the breakdown of our relationship.

I had to face a lot of truth about myself and him. I had to set firm boundaries. I had to adjust my sense of responsibility to understanding I am only responsible for what I have control over and not for anyone else's happiness. I had to process my feelings and work on forgiving myself. It took a lot of work but it was worth it. I am now working for a nonprofit, helping other women.

"As I have said many times - - you saved my life and I can confidently say I wouldn't be where I am today without you! You are so, so special to me and I'm so thankful to you for giving of your time and heart to help women."


Ozer Ministries is funded through donations from private individuals, churches, local businesses and counselees. You can help Ozer continue to "help people to help themselves, and in turn help others". Any donation is greatly appreciated and is tax deductible.

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