Nov. 28, 2022

Becoming What You Fight Against... (Connie J...)

One "wall" I kept running into, early in my healing process, was trying to treat people how I felt they treated me.

Let's just say, it took me more than one time
running at that wall, for me to overcome it. I would feel a few moments of euphoria, and then the reality would set in - and I NEVER liked the way it ended up making me feel. I just could not figure out that equation.

That's the way "payback", "revenge", etc, works - it just doesn't.

Honestly, it just clicked one day, and though I've had a few missteps, I've tried to not look back.

Again, it is not an easy path; but the best, most productive paths, usually are not easy - they are worthwhile, and memorable.

Have a good day, and be safe... #oneinfour #ithappenstomentoo #dviseverywhere #domesticviolence

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