Nov. 16, 2022

Are You Thankful? (Connie J...)

Granted, if you are involved in a Domestic Violence situation, you're probably looking at this, and asking if the writer is nuts!!!

However, it's a legit question - usually there are some good times, although in many cases the abusive times outweigh and overshadow them.

But, when we work really hard to remember the good times, in balance with not forgetting those bad times - this is where our "power to overcome" those bad times begins to grow.

See, it's all in that delicate balance, ie - being aware of how much hate there is in the world, makes the love that exists that much more precious, and powerful.

What can you find to begin to be thankful for? It doesn't have to be something huge - just start the process with something small, like, "We made it through everybody getting off to school with only ONE lost shoe, instead of two whole pairs.". Or, "There was only ONE outburst at dinner, last night; and my significant other didn't make anyone cry."

What are some things YOU can find to be thankful for - look for them, commit them to memory, write them down, if it's safe. Look hard, there IS something there...

Have a good day, and be safe, and thankful... #oneinfour #ithappenstomentoo #dviseverywhere #domesticviolence

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