Sep. 30, 2022

Changing MY World... (Connie J...)

When I first became aware of my "leftovers" from being raised in a Domestic Violence situation, plus; I wanted to change THE world.

As I dug deeper into my healing, I learned that to make a difference in THE world, I have to get MY world together, first.

I had to deal with MY issues, and allow myself to heal.

So yes, even if you have children, you have to take care of your healing, first - every airline boarding tutorial speaks specifically to parents, regarding an in-air emergency, and the oxygen masks.

You are instructed to make sure you get YOUR mask on, securely, before assisting your child with theirs. The moral of the story, is, if you pass out, you're no good to assist anyone.

This is a good thing to remember in life, also.

Have a good day, and be safe... #listen #ibelieveyou #doyouhear

*October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Please share this post, no matter what month it is, to help get the word out. The Victim has to make the choice - but, "What If..." they read something you sent them, and it just "clicks"?

*I share a "What If..." post, on the first post of every month, and I would love the opportunity to share YOUR "what ifs". Please send your "What If..." ideas to Connie J... -; or through Ozer, at the website or email, 

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