Aug. 31, 2022

"I Didn't Sign Up For This..." (Connie J..)

Often, when Victims finally make the full realization that they ARE Victims of Domestic Violence, the first response inside their heads is something like, , "How could I be so stupid??! I really thought they loved me!!! How could I let this happen to myself??!", etc.

Shame is why they seem to be so resistant to any assistance that's offered, because it, again often,  develops into, "I did this to myself, so I have to get myself out of this. I don't deserve any better, because it's all my fault.", etc.

Which quickly moves into overwhelm, and depression - which are both utterly paralyzing.

Then, anger - in which they get almost defiant, because, "Why is this happening to me??! This is NOT what I signed up for!!!", etc.

There are so many layers to get through, that, honestly, unless you've done any kind of personal healing, it seems like they're just "choosing to stay in their situation".

Again, this not exhaustive, but maybe giving a little insight into the mind of a Victim.

Have a good day, and be safe... #listen #ibelieveyou #doyouhear

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