May. 14, 2022

As We Prepare... (Connie J...)

For our 7th Annual Art Exhibit, I have been thinking about this poem I wrote (but did not submit) for the Art Exhibit, last year. The picture is our theme for THIS year's Exhibit.

My personal goal is to get the info out...hope it makes you think...


Oh, the shoes that the people wear

Trying to just fit in; having perfect hair

All the hoops that are jumped
Barely able to get by

Many just give up, as they lay down to die

Now, that doesn't happen to everyone

Some people fight it, til their life is done

Taken away by someone, "in their right"

Their relationship goals
To have a partner to fight

With, and dominate - this isn't the way

It is supposed to be, on the day that you say

"I do." "I'm committed." "We shall never part."

But they messily rip out, and stomp
On the heart

Of the one that they "Love"!!!
"No else loves you more!!!"

"No one else will have you!!!"
"DON'T you walk out that door!!!"

But some do, and that
Is THE most dangerous time

The one that is left behind

Grows angrier, less rational
Fear and anger take over

That their secret will be known
So they stalk them, and hover

Staying just out of sight
Til that moment presents

And they come out, and fight
Growing more and more tense

Often to the death,
Of all involved

They feel that this "problem"
Cannot be resolved

So they take drastic measures
To make sure THEY don't lose

And if the children survive
They just pick up those shoes

And keep on walking
Perpetuate, that cycle of abuse

Which, at times, I am sure
Feels even more like a noose

Not a way to live
Need to break that "Curse"

But until they realize, that
It's more than just "words"

That true healing CAN come
It is NOT the easy route

You must fight EVERY DAY
And keep sharing what you're about

You're a Survivor, and know
That you deserve more

No more walking on eggshells
And being told you're a whore

So until more can stand up
And take back their lives

We stand in that gap
And daily we strive

To spread the Awareness
That this isn't the path

That they have to walk on
Til thru this nightmare they pass

We are here for you
And will be, unto the end

When you can stand,
And YOUR hand, will extend

To help the ones rising
Up behind you, to heal

And know that "love" is not
Just a weapon to "yield"

Keep walking, designing
The shoes that YOU wear

So Domestic Violence is NO LONGER
The burden YOU bear...

Connie R Jordan...
Completed 101020
Based on AADV Art Exhibit 2021 theme, #walkinTHEIRshoes BLOG LINK:

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