Dec. 28, 2020

The Intention of the New Year... (Connie J...)

With this "unprecedented" (anybody else struggling to find a bigger word for this year??!) year comes to a conclusion, we hope this finds you safe.

I personally think that's a good intention for any time of year; but at the Holidays, I feel the need to stress it even more - especially as 2020 closes.

While nobody knows what the New Year holds, I still believe in hope. I have struggled with anxiety and depression, this year; but I still believe things will get better. Though I am not naive enough to think things will ever be the same.

I think THAT is one good thing to focus on - we're standing on the proverbial "cliff of life", overlooking ENDLESS possibilities!!!

Now, some people will look over the edge, and be more overwhelmed; while others will sit right down on that ledge, and see what can be accomplished by letting go, and just jumping into the new. While others may grab a swinging vine, and maybe try to jump over the new. The bottom line is, the new is coming, regardless.

While this year has proven there is so much we cannot control, how we react is one thing we can. I lose sight of this, periodically; but I have good, supportive people around me, that remind me, often.

There are people available, it may be a friend you've known for years; or it may be time to reach out, and find the help you need to start making some changes. Options. Choices. Intentions. We all have them - some just aren't aware of the fact they DO have them, or what they are. Is it time for you to reach out?

Wishing you a Happy New Year, have a great day, and please be safe...thank you... #ENDtheSILENCEofVIOLENCE #EtSoV #walkinTHEIRshoes 

*October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Please share this, no matter what month it is, to help get the word out. The Victim has to make the choice - but, "What If..." they read something you sent them, that makes the difference? #walkinTHEIRshoes

*I will be sharing a "What If..." post on the first Monday, of every month. I would love to share YOUR "what ifs". Please send your "What If..." ideas to Connie J... -; or through Ozer, at the website or email,

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