Dec. 7, 2020

What If... (Connie J...)

- I can find the ultimate Christmas gift - will he keep a level temper through the Holidays?

- I can get the kids to act like Santa is watching, EVERY minute - maybe he won't go crazy?

- I agree to quit my job, at the beginning of the year, like has been practically demanding since we met?

- I can just stop making him angry, by talking to him when he gets home from work; until he's had time to chill?

- I can stop resisting his advances, every time; even if he's drunk or high?

- I can forget about my, and the kids needs, more, and focus on him. He IS the breadwinner...

- I could be more patient...they had a tough childhood - their father was abusive, and their mother left when they were 14...

- I could keep in mind the cultural differences. Their culture treats women differently...

- I cannot do enough - will they leave me??! I need them...

*October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Please share this, no matter what month it is, to help get the word out. The Victim has to make the choice - but, "What If..." they read something you sent them, that makes the difference? #walkinTHEIRshoes

*I will be sharing a "What If..." post on the first Monday, of every month. I would love to share YOUR "what ifs". Please send your "What If..." ideas to Connie J... -; or through Ozer, at the website or email,

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