Nov. 16, 2020

What's Behind the Mask, You Say??!... (Connie J...)

When the hand is a Mask...
How hard to break through?
When you hiss and you bite
And you're left there, to chew 

On the horrible things 
That still ring in your ears
Some that fill you with RAGE
Others stifle you, with Fear 

That you're doomed to live out
All that they've said you will
But hidden, deep inside
Is the hope that you still 

Will break free of these bonds
Of those fingers tightly pressed
That at times, hard to breathe
And the pounding in your chest 

Where your Heart longs for freedom
From THIS oppressive life
That in the future - release
Thus, ending pain and strife 

To live, as you're intended
Be the BEST you, you can
Share your story with others
Thereby, ruining "The Plan" 

To keep you held in bondage
Oppressed, unable to stand
And you will be feeling the freedom
From when the mask WAS a hand... 

Connie R Jordan... Finished 042720

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