Nov. 12, 2020

Masks... (Connie J...)

Masks, many wear them

Some people, more than one 

They're covered by hundreds 

They think that they're done 

That life will be better 

And no one will know 

That they're hiding behind something 

And that NO ONE cares to go 

Beyond the masks they wear 

To see what's really under 

True, many DON'T care 

Or for one second, wonder 

Why their need for so many? 

It screams of pain untold 

And not many dare go there 

To stand, and help fold 

Back the edges, many delicate 

And so easily broken 

Some, hard and fast 

A definite token 

Of wounds deep embedded 

Not even willing to look 

To go through the pain 

And have their foundation be shook 

It is not an easy task 

To hold a mask, once removed 

And to see the pain left 

Lines of pain deeply grooved 

Into scars, the reminders 

Of a memory of the past 

That once the mask removed 

The scar WILL last 

A reminder to show you 

From whence you came 

And also, a reminder 

To not go there, again...

Connie R Jordan...  091018

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