Oct. 12, 2020

Whose Shoes AM I Walking In??! (Connie J...)

As a child, did you ever put on your Mother or Father's shoes, and pretend you were them? You probably made your voice higher or lower to talk like them; and maybe even put on their clothes.

As you grew older, you may have borrowed some of their clothes, or accessories for a special night, etc.

When you started to get into "relationships", did you try to mimic them? My parents ALWAYS held hands - until the day my Father died; so hand-holding was a definite "relationship expectation".

What other, unspoken "relationship expectations" did you take into yours? How does your partner/significant other treat you? How do they talk to you - with respect?

Do you feel as safe with your partner, as you did at home with your parents, growing up? Are you creating happy memories?

Did you have happy memories? Or are you still wearing your parent's, and probably many previous generation's "shoes"; and carrying on the cycle of Domestic Violence?

Thank you, have a good day, and be safe... #ENDtheSILENCEofVIOLENCE #EtSoV www.ozerministriesinc.com

*October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Please share this, to help get the word out. The Victim has to make the choice - but, "What If..." they read something you sent them, that makes the difference?

*I will be sharing a "What If..." post on the first Monday, of every month. I would love to share YOUR "what ifs". Please send your "What If..." ideas to Connie J... - beamererin@yahoo.com; or through Ozer, at the website or email, ozerministries@att.net. 

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