Sep. 28, 2020

My Brave Child

"My Brave Child" is a short film inspired by true events featuring a brave child who stopped the predator by talking to his parents.

Child sexual abuse is a taboo topic, so it's spreading among us like cancer.

According to WHO, 1 billion minors between the age of 2 to 17 have been abused. 90% of predators are trusted people to children. 60% of children don't tell anyone.

Empower your child to be brave! Stop any abuse by tearing down the walls of secrets and shame and speak out.

Only the child sees the evil part of the predator.
Protect your child by placing their safety above any cultural shame you may be afraid of.

Spread awareness about safe touch and boundaries. Help end this vicious cycle and sponsor survivors for counseling and support groups.

Take away the power of the predator today through education and communication.

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