Sep. 7, 2020

What If... (Connie J...)

...I had left sooner - would my daughter still be talking to me?

...I had pressed charges, the first time I called the police?

...I had learned from my parents, rather than taking it into another generation?

...After my cousin had gotten away, she would have stayed away - would she still be alive?

...I had told someone about him holding the gun to my head, sooner?

..."The System" wouldn't have have let me down, again?

...I had taken the time to heal, after that first bad relationship - before jumping into the next, and the next, and the I wasn't alone?

I am planning a "What If..." post, for the first Monday of every month. Please message me, Connie J... - at, if YOU have any "what ifs" you would like me to include. Thank you.

Have a good day, and be safe... #ENDtheSILENCEofVIOLENCE #EtSoV 

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