Jul. 6, 2020

Knowing When to Hold'em... (Connie J...)

You've been married nearly 40 years. You find out, through a myriad of circumstances (in the midst of a major medical situation) that your spouse has been having multiple affairs all this time. You have also lived through years of mental and emotional abuse, as a direct result of their guilt, from their improprieties.

They come to you in the hospital, and tell you a person halfway across the country is going to call them out, if they don't pay them a sum of money.

Crossroads, right??!

They know how much THEY need you - but, YOU know how much you need them - as twisted as it sounds.

What do you do?

If you were the person in my example, terrified of trying to start a new life, that late in life, you would remember the vows you took. Honoring that commitment would get you through the next, nearly 30 years, you had left with them. Some things did change - but the Narcissism never completely disappeared.

Not everyone could make this choice. Right, or wrong, this was the choice that WAS made, and lived until the day they each died a natural death, and on.

NOBODY deserves to be abused. But choices are made, every day, to stay in the Domestic Violence situation. Unfortunately, not all situations end this seemingly clean-cut.

If you're in a Domestic Violence situation, currently - you're making choices every day. If you can live with the choices you make, more power to you. You just "gotta know when to hold'em, know when to fold'em...". Every situation IS different.

Have a good day, and be safe...

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