May. 21, 2020

The Purpose... (Connie J...)

The purpose of all I write, is to support, and inform people.

The purpose of Domestic Violence? This question is always running in the background of my brain. 

The purpose of something becomes what WE make it. Something intended for evil, to break someone down; with time, healing, and determination - can possibly lift them to unbelievable heights. 

Our response determines the outcome. Now, I'm not so naive to believe that bad things can't happen - but every choice that is made CAN make a difference. 

Each situation is different, and all factors must be taken into consideration, when decisions are made. 

The bigger picture should be considered - if NO changes are made, NOTHING will change. The perpetrator sure doesn't want things to change - they've got absolute control (or so they feel).

Remember Domestic Violence, or ANY of your abuse, is NOT your fault - but what is your PURPOSE in it? If you're unable to grow IN it, how can you grow FROM it??!

Have a good day, and be safe...


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