Apr. 8, 2020

Memories, Triggered... (Connie J...)

Growing up, even as a small child, I remember always wanting to be ANYWHERE but home, basically, until I was in my 50s, and realized I was raised in a Domestic Violence situation. I had the need to be going, all the time - even on my days off. Had no idea why; just the need to "Go".

Though I am considered "Essential Personnel", during this pandemic, and not requested to be home 24/7 (which DOES cause it's own feelings of ambivalence) - in those free times, like days off and after work, NOT being able to be with other people does wear on me, a tad.

That being said - am thinking about those Victims that are trapped with their perpetrators 24/7, right now. The words "stay at home", I am sure, is striking such fear into entire families!!!

If this is you - I implore you to reach out. I know it's a scary thing; but I encourage you to really think, and decide which is scarier. Remaining in your current situation, or making a major change??!

Start by reaching out. Tell a trusted friend, or family member. If they somehow "drop the ball", and you don't feel supported - tell another person. Do NOT give up!!! NOBODY deserves to be abused!!!

If you feel you have nobody to tell, reach out to a help-line. There is so much information available, online. You need to persevere, because YOU. ARE. WORTHWHILE!!!

Have a good day, and PLEASE, be safe... #EtSoV  #ENDtheSILENCEofVIOLENCE

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