Feb. 24, 2020

What if They're Right??! (Connie J...)

I try so hard to keep the house the way they like it, but they tell me (quite often), "MY Mother always did it this way...", etc.

The puppy they insisted the kids needed is just not grasping "potty training", as quickly as I'd hoped, so there's that mess to keep up on.

They call me, every hour, to see what am doing - and what I've gotten done in the previous hour. They insist there is NO reason this house shouldn't be spotless, at any point in time.

Sometimes, they show up for lunch, unexpectedly; and don't understand why "it takes so long to get a freaking meal on the table - I only have an hour!!!"

And I'm always "on call", in the bedroom - no "headaches" for me!!!

When they come home from work, they need to relax; so children and puppy must be extra quiet, so they don't wake or disrupt them.

They make me feel like such a failure, in every aspect of our relationship - maybe they're right. My Mother was always so good at anticipating my Father's every need. Why can't I be that way??!

Maybe I AM just a loser, and SHOULD be more grateful that I have someone that loves me as much as they do!!!

Any of this sound familiar? Any ideas to make changes? How?

Have a good day, and be safe...

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