Jan. 27, 2020


I was on a Women's Retreat, once, and we were asked to draw what our walls previously looked like; then what they looked like, currently.

I drew a broken-down brick wall in the background; with a wire across, representing an electric fence, in the foreground.

The electric fence demonstrates boundaries, to me, as it allows movement back and forth; but if someone crosses, without my consent, the power comes on,  "zapping" them just enough to alert them. It was pointed out, the progress, and self-awareness it demonstrated.

"Walls" around me keep people out, but they also trap me inside. Hmmmm...caveat!!!

Have you ever thought about what YOUR walls are made of, and what purpose they serve? Is it time to take a look??!

Your self-protection, especially in a Domestic Violence situation, is paramount - but which is more effective in YOUR situation, really - a wall or an electric fence??!

Have a good day and be safe...

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