Dec. 30, 2019

Hope...Is It Possible For Next Year?... (Connie J...)

Do you ever feel hopeless? Like NOTHING you do is right; and there's no use even trying to hope for your life to take something other than the "downward spiral" it's currently on?

I just want to remind you that the power, AND hope, IS inside you just waiting for you to access it!!!

I honestly believe it's THAT "hope for something different" that has brought you this far - don't you think??!

You DO have the power to change your course - it isn't easy; but you are the only one that can.

Let the hope that is inside you "take the wheel" for awhile, and watch what happens. It may not look different, at first; but one day, you will look back, and the changes will have happened so subtly, hopefully, it will make you laugh!!!

We, all those involved with Ozer Ministries, Inc., wish you a SAFE, and happy, hopeful New Year.

Have a good day, and be safe... #ENDtheSILENCEofVIOLENCE #EtSoV  

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