Aug. 12, 2019

Shame... (Connie J...)

Take a moment, and think about your life, right now.

Are you living your best life? Or is there a "dark, shadowy place, that you never go"? (A la Lion King)

What is in that place? Does it represent a part of you that you are ashamed of? Does that feeling of shame come from inside of YOU, or do you feel others are ashamed of you? Is it something you may need to study further?

Have you ever thought about WHY you feel shame? Is it a relationship with someone? Is it part of your relationship with yourself? If someone were to ask you about it, directly, would it make you angry?

Shame can do so much damage to ourselves, and our relationship with others. If you have made some negative choices, either now or in the past, isn't it time to lose that extra weight you carry?

Nothing happens overnight, so don't stress yourself, move toward a more positive outlook. If it's something you need to deal with, do it. Just start, somewhere...

Have a good day, and be safe...


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