Jul. 8, 2019

Dear Mommy and Daddy... (Connie J...)

Dear Mommy and Daddy (Age 6)

Dear Mommy and Daddy, I can't understand
Why you fight when my Daddy comes home
He walks in the door, you ask where he's been
And boom - out the door, he's gone, again
It makes me SOOO sad, in my little heart
'Cause he's already not home, so much
I need him to stay here, to sit on his lap
And his stubbly face to touch
So when he comes home, please don't ask where he's been
'Cause you know how it makes him so mad
And I would really like him to stay home for awhile
Please, let me spend more time with my Dad??!

Love, ...

This piece was also very cathartic for me.

In writing, reading, AND remembering, I realized I used to blame my Mother for driving my Father away. All she had to do was say, "Where were you?", when he got home, after he had disappeared for hours at a time;  and he would explode.

One time, she blocked the door, and he climbed out the sun porch window, and walked the five miles back to his business. He always went there; then would call her a few hours later to come pick him up. He usually went right to bed, after they got home.

I used to think I lived a "Norman Rockwell" childhood - now, not so much. I just read something on Facebook, the other day - "We didn't understand, as children; our parent's still had work to do on themselves." This does not excuse any of their less than stellar behaviour; but it does explain it.

My goal is to be transparent. Does this resonate with you? Anyone you know?

Have a good day, and be safe... #ENDtheSILENCEofVIOLENCE #EtSoV 

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