Apr. 22, 2019

Communication Problem...NOT!!! (Connie J...)

I shared this meme last week; but I wanted to elaborate, a bit, about it.

Certain...creatures that draw breath...believe the only way they can get someone to understand what they say, is to...add a bit of...physical "reinforcement", shall we say.

THIS IS NOT THE WAY TWO HUMANS SHOULD EVER INTERACT!!! We are supposed to be the evolved of the animal kingdom, correct??!

You don't carry your child around by the neck, or lick it to give it a bath, right??!

We communicate with words. There are parameters we follow with this, also. NO ONE should ONLY speak to their significant other, or own children via yelling.

If you look at the volume knob on any device; the level goes up, AND down.

The content of what you say, also matters. We were CREATED for relationship - kind words go so much further than harsh words.

Life out in the world is hard enough. Why do we allow another person to destroy the respite of our homes?

There is so much said, in this brief meme. What could YOU add, regarding your experience?  Have you ever, REALLY, thought about it? Did it touch something inside you, and maybe you SHOULD think about it?

Much of what I talk about is in broad topics. My goal is to get people thinking. How am I doing? Are there steps you can take, if this is a problem in YOUR life?

Thank you, have a good day, and be safe...

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