Apr. 15, 2019

Is Today YOUR Deadline??! (Connie J...)

Today is the National Income Tax deadline; but have you, or someone you know, arrived at a Personal Security Deadline??!

Is daily life a constant stressor, because of a relationship you are, or were involved in,  - be it a significant other, a family member, someone you work with?

Has something happened, either recently, or in the past, that has left your personal security in a shambles; and some days, you feel like you're barely holding it together??!

April is #SAAM, or Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Some people come away from these situations, and believe if they "just ignore it, it will go away".

There may be subtle changes in their personalities; but they maintain functionality, and just go on. That IS their choice.

Others, however, are completely wracked by what happened, and they crawl somewhere deep inside; there are outward physical alterations to the way they "normally" present themselves.

Just so you know, whatever happened to one, is just as "bad" as the other; and however they handle it, is not wrong. Some people have died at an old age, and seemingly never "dealt" with their trauma.

There ARE those, that go on "situation normal", for the rest of their lives; when the thoughts of what happened DO come up, they've pushed it so far down, they are, in appearance, unchanged. That IS, also, their choice.

Please remember, handling being sexually assaulted IS the choice of the individual. If someone joins in the #metoo movement, because something a Victim said touched their soul, so be it!!! If they choose to come forward, no matter HOW long it's been, more power to them!!! Believe them!!! That is them taking back the control in their lives, over something that was stolen from them, in their abuse!!! Kudos!!!

However you decide handle your abuse, remember it IS YOUR decision. But if you feel you can't "handle it", PLEASE ask for help!!! There is so much information available - on the internet, and I have also seen ads on tv, or reach out to us, wherever you are!!! HELP IS AVAILABLE!!! You just need to keep asking, until you get what YOU need...

Thank you, have a good day, and be safe...  #EtSoV #SAAM #ENDtheSILENCEofVIOLENCE

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