Mar. 1, 2019

Is the Survivor ASKING for Your Opinion, or Your Support??! (Connie J...)

"They know they should leave; but they're emotionally not ready." (DKH - 022519)

We often get so...for lack of a better term...excited, when someone needs our help, that we get so involved in what WE think we need to do to help them; yet fail to ask, or listen to whether they need, or even want our help.

Then, when they don't do what WE feel they should do, it often causes a problem, and we feel slighted.

That takes the focus a LITTLE off of what's important, doesn't it??!

When an opportunity presents itself to "be helpful"; just take a moment, and without adding MORE pressure, ask THEM what they want.

Some people are paralyzed in those types of situations; but just need that little bit of support to encourage them to jump into action, and do what they need to do.

Keep in mind, they are the ONLY ones that can make these decisions.

Be sensitive to the need for support to do what must be done; or if they're just asking what you would do in the same situation...there is a huge difference...

Have a good day, and be safe...

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