Feb. 11, 2019

"Ode to the Single Parent..." (Connie J...)

Whether still living as a couple, or whether you're not

Being a single parent is one heck of a spot

To be put in, feeling dumped on, wondering, "What did I do?"

It's not that I don't love the kids, but it's hard enough with TWO

Parents, both working for the good of the kids

Let alone, dealing with dropoffs, and those visits in the mid

Of the week, though good for kids, sometimes hard on the parents

And sometimes, those visits just don't make any sense

Why, all of the sudden, do they "show that they care"

Looks good for the courts, and the families that glare

And wonder, why is that person being mean to MY "child"

When often, their "child" was the one that went wild

Causing issues, and distance, that if BOTH worked on, could be mended

But for one reason, or another, decided better if ended

Sometimes, the kids become pawns, in "games" THEY don't deserve

And they have forced visitation, while someone observes

Well, you know best behavior will be full on display

And they don't understand why it goes down this way

"My kids always came first, why do THEY have this issue??!"

Sometimes, there are tears, and a need for some tissues

Again, looking the Victim, seeking "sorry's" from all

When THEY were the cause, by THEM dropping the ball

So a shoutout to you all for standing your ground

Where in you, stability and peace for your child can be found

It's not an easy road, or the one you would prefer

But for the sake of your children, maybe will help deter

The issues kids get when one parent battles the other

Instead of remembering they are FIRST, Father or Mother

What goes on between you, shouldn't be for kids to bear

Remember, number one in THEIR eyes is to know that you care

(Connie R Jordan... 020819)

Have a good day, and be safe...

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