Dec. 17, 2018

"People Start to Heal..." (Connie J...)

"...the moment they feel heard."

Ponder this, for a moment.

I recently saw this on Facebook, and it resonated SOOO much with me.

I had been talking about what happened to me, throughout my life, for probably at least 15 years; but it wasn't until 1992, that I FINALLY felt HEARD.

Though many people, over the years, DID listen; that was the moment my healing process REALLY began. I do not want to sound unappreciative to all that DID listen.

One way to HEAR, is to believe what someone says. No doubt, there are those that will not be as truthful about some of the details, or embellish; but the details are not as important as recognizing there is a problem, and doing what you can to help.

I knew someone, once, that was a pathological liar. Some of the doozies this person would come up with...WOW!!! Though I was under 20; I followed my intuition enough to know that regardless of what they were saying, there was a bigger problem going on. We did what we could to help; and today, this person is a caring,  responsible person, with a family - even Grandchildren.

Just keep in mind, THEY have to be willing to do the work. No one else can do it for them. It doesn't happen overnight, and will probably take years. There is no timeline for the Healing Process.

On our quest to #ENDtheSILENCEofVIOLENCE , just keep in mind, there really is no playbook; and not everyone will "get it right" the first, or maybe second, or third time.

It IS a process...

Have a good day, and be safe...

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