Nov. 15, 2018

The Colors... (Connie J...)

Domestic Violence, oh the picture it paints
With color on color; though some very faint
The Happy and Sad all mixed in the shades
They start out in neon, then over time, fade
Though muted, still present, affecting the source
Daily living of life, often thrown off course
The child, in hiding, from the fear of the fight
Wishing it would stop, without exit, in fright
The dog, sadly whimpering, in the corner where flew
After anger caused flight, he just wished he knew
As did everyone, wondering - why so much anger?
What happened to them, to cause so much danger
For all in the path, leaving no stone unturned
This wasn't from birth, this behavior was learned
How many generations before had been hit
Just learning, no questions, just rolling with it
Isn't it time, for breaking that chain?
No longer continue; to feel safe, again?
It IS possible to live your life Violence free
Each moment, taking steps, and then one day, to see
The bright colors of living return to your life
The rosy red cheeks, of your beautiful wife
Your children's bright eyes when you walk in the door
The sunset you watch, as you lay on the floor
And all giggle, all happy, no fear to be found
Satisfaction, and love between all abound
This can be more than just a dream to be had
To end the Silence of Violence is more than a fad
It's a lifestyle, and possible, for someone as you
With colors bright as neon, and EVERY brilliant hue
For the dark and the dreary, those colors of old
That represent the former, abandoned and cold
Where now, there is sunshine, and hope to be had
And peace and contentment, the feeling of glad
It won't happen overnight - for the path here was long
But all you CAN do, is keep battling, be STRONG
For YOUR Violence to end YOU must do your part
Dig down, deep, and connect through your heart
To that child that suffered, they're hidden in there
All they need's YOUR commitment, and effort to share

Have a good day, and be safe...

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