Oct. 17, 2018

Why Would You Lie About It??! (Connie J...)

There has been so much talk, everywhere, regarding truth VS lies.

I know it happens; but what purpose does lying serve?  I am not going to get into a political conversation, on here, just for the record.

But, overall, when a Victim claims ANY kind of assault - be it Domestic Violence, sexual assault, bullying, and the list goes on - believing them is paramount. The truth WILL stand. Whether they remember EVERY teeny tiny detail, is irrelevant.

On a personal note, I didn't really start dealing with any of my trauma until I was in my thirties. I have fuzzy memories of being in my crib - I may never retrieve that full memory; but that doesn't mean nothing happened. It could very well be something that was traumatic for my "baby self".

That's what we, as a society have forgotten. Trauma affects different people, different ways. No one should ever try to "one up" their trauma; any more than they should "downplay" how their trauma affected them. 

But, I will end this as I started it, asking the question, "Why would you lie about it?"

Have a good day, and be safe... #ENDtheSILENCEofVIOLENCE  #EtSoV

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