Oct. 3, 2018

A Safe Place... (Connie J...)

In our world, today, just about EVERYONE is looking for a "safe place".

One of the problems with this, is they think someone else should provide it for them. Most people do not understand the fact that there are two components to these "safe place" factors; and without them both activated, you're just in a "place".

You have to do YOUR part, for ANYWHERE to begin to feel safe. "Safe Houses" for Domestic Violence Victims, for example, start with the Victim CHOOSING to escape their situation.

If, perchance, someone else makes the decision for them, they often return to that situation. Even in the chaos, there; they link familiar with "safe", in their minds. (NOTE: Even the Victim CHOOSING to escape, doesn't guarantee they will not return to situation.)

It doesn't mean you give up on them, either. If they return, the chances of things escalating quickly, multiplies; and they may need even more help and support.

Basically, as in most things in life, safety is relative.

Are YOU in a "safe place", whether in a Domestic Violence situation, or not? What components would you need to make either where you are, now, safe; or do you need to "change your location", either literally or metaphorically?

Have a good day, and be safe... #EtSoV 

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