Aug. 20, 2018

The Climb... (Connie J...)

I've been pondering ladders, lately. The climb down a ladder can be as tense as the climb up.

In a Domestic Violence, or any type of abusive situation; it's YOUR reaction that can spark the necessary changes.

When workers are using an extended ladder, there is usually some type of safety equipment involved. Hooks and cables, a spotter, etc. Firefighters use these, AND that big blowup thing.

In any of the above situations, what could be considered YOUR "safety equipment"? Do you have any idea, or are you trying to climb out of your situation all alone?

While you ARE the key participant in your plan, that doesn't mean you cannot have assistance; you just have to make the choices, and do the work.

Here's one example of a safety plan:
The woman made plans with 3 other people involved. The night before "The Mission", she had packed all she needed for she and her kids into laundry baskets. It just looked like she was getting ready to head to the laundromat.
She was to go out of town, with a friend, just for the day.
An "Aunt" had talked to she and the husband about spending the day with the kids.
He was more than willing to do that - it meant he could go fishing. He even asked the "Aunt" to drop him off at his favorite fishing spot, miles out of town. (Which she was MORE than willing to oblige).
After they dropped him off, they went back to the house to grab the laundry baskets. Within about 10 minutes, she and the kids were on their way to a town about an hour away; for THEIR new, safer life.

It's not an easy road - nothing worthwhile is; but is it time to utilize YOUR ladder? Please note, leaving is NOT always the answer. Every situation is different.

But, if when you're on that ladder, your significant other catches fire to it (metaphorically), there's nowhere to go, but up.

Have a good day, and be safe...

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