Jun. 23, 2018

YOUR Choices...CAN They Make a Difference??! (Connie J...)

I lost my Mother last month. I used to say she was going to die never realizing she was a Victim of Domestic Violence.

I've done a LOT of reflection this last month, and gotten some insight. Though she never acknowledged she was a Victim, she was not necessarily unaware. She told me, often, she made the choice to "take her vows seriously"; and she chose to hold her head high, and keep the peace, to the best of her ability. However, and this is strictly MY theory, I think it was the stress from this choice that contributed to her Alzheimers.

Realistically, eradicating Domestic Violence isn't going to happen, since it's been around since the beginning of time; but it is the choices YOU make that determine YOUR outcome.

Nobody but you can make the choices regarding your situation;  but our goal is to empower you to

Have a good day, and be safe... #EtSoV 

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