Jun. 22, 2018

It Was Then She Knew... (Connie J...)

She wakes up with her cheek and ribs burning, and for a brief moment, has no idea what kind of freight train ran over her.

Then the dark realization overtakes her. He came home in a mood, last night, and she decided THAT would be the time to tell him she was leaving him.

Needless to say, it did not go smoothly. What was she  thinking??! She knew better.

She was finally able to convince him she was staying, and he calmed down; they had a quiet romantic evening, and eventually fell asleep in each other's arms.

She looks in the mirror, and asks herself, "What is wrong  with you??! Nobody knows you better, how to take care of you, and will ever love you like he does."

She turns her head to see the bruise, so deep, it's still forming.

It was then she knew...

She had been drawn into the trap of believing his lies. He was a charmer. She had been catching the word, Narcissist, on the fringes of the conversations with her friends; but that wasn't him. He loves her. Doesn't he?

Have a good day, and be safe... #EtSoV #ENDtheSILENCEofVIOLENCE 

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