May. 21, 2018

In the Shadows... (Connie J...)

She goes through her day, a seemingly typical woman to those she comes in contact with.

The friendly Bank Teller that cashes her paycheck, and deposits it to HIS bank account, upon her request.

The Barista at the coffee shop, that gives her the special coffee she likes; and ignores as she winces as she reaches to take the cup.

The kind Librarian that makes no obvious notice of the growing number of visible bruises on her face; as she asks to renew the book, again, as she was unable to finish it.

Her Boss, while commenting they hope she's feeling better, doesn't mention the dark circles under her eyes from lack of sleep; or that she's been missing more and more work from her "mysterious illness".

Her Friend, on the occasion she's able to meet her for dinner; ignores how her eyes dart around, or the number of times she reads a new text message.

None of them see her partner. Always in the shadows of her life. At times, figuratively; other times, literally.

Do you have a Shadow?

Have a good day, and be safe...

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