May. 14, 2018

She Waits.. (Connie J...)

She waits...wondering how he'll be, today
Will it be okay to let the kids play
Or will he scream and yell, sending them to their rooms
Praying he doesn't come in, and lower the boom

And the dog, the last time she jumped, it didn't go well
I was afraid to go pick her up after she fell
So she's stays tied up, that's no life for a dog
I'm sorry, puppy, for catching you in my bog

My family keeps asking if everything is okay
I'm ashamed to tell them, I just hope and pray
They don't show up until the bruises heal
Not ready for questions - how do you THINK I feel?

Trapped and alone, like there's no way out
I hear the word "escape", what's that all about?
I married this guy, until death do us part
Can the death they describe be the death of a heart?


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