Apr. 30, 2018

The "Other Shoe"... (Connie J...)

When living in a Domestic Violence situation, you're ALWAYS "waiting for the other shoe" to drop.

If your significant other is having a good time, you're in a case of constant readiness for it to turn bad. 

Trying to read every movement they make, every flicker of muscle. "Will this word set them off?"; or, "I hope they don't run into so-and-so."

That's one of the worst parts - the waiting. The feeling like your "life helicopter" is in constant "hover" mode; ready to escape at a seconds notice, if need be.

Then there's the worry, "Will I make it? What if I don't? What if he hurts the kids or the dog?"

Does any of this sound familiar to you right now? Is it time to find out what options you DO have?

Is it time for you to admit there IS a problem? #EtSoV

Have a good day, and be safe...

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