Jan. 26, 2018

Change of Plans... (Connie J...)

The kid that got bullied at school didn't plan for their Mom to have to buy a new shirt, because their classmates are mean, and ripped the one they wore to school, today.

The wife cooking dinner for her abusive husband didn't plan to have to cook a completely new meal, because he wasn't happy with what she made, and threw it all away.

The girl didn't plan to end up behind the counter at the candy store, so the shop owner could assault her.

These days started with COMPLETELY different plans, that got changed by an external force.

What kind of external forces have worked to change your plans for your day?
Is there anything you can do to change your plans from a negative to a positive?
What can YOU do to #ENDtheSILENCEofVIOLENCE in your life?

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