Jan. 16, 2018

The Wallflower... (Connie J...)

When you go to a party, or some other kind of get together, is there that one person? They always seem to sit off to themselves. They speak, if spoken to; otherwise, they interact with no one.

Have you ever wondered why? Have you, or your friends ever had a laugh at their expense? Have you wondered why, if they're just going to stay to themselves, they keep showing up at these things?

Being a former "Wallflower", myself, here's my story. I used  to wait with baited breath -  terrified someone would talk to me, or I would be totally ignored. I couldn't stop showing up, because I didn't know what else to do. To not show up would be rude, and I wasn't raised that way.

So, I lived that way, for years. I know I was the butt of many jokes, and questions. People would ask me why; I would just shrug my shoulders, and say "I don't know..." (if I could get the words out, it was usually mumbled.) The struggle was real!!!

As I have said, before, I am a Survivor; I have worked for the last 25 years to get to the point I am now - which is, for the most part, NOT shy. I do, however, still have times where I feel like the socially retarded person I used to be. So she's gone, but never forgotten...

Have a good day, be safe, and aware...the Wallflowers have a story...


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