Sep. 11, 2017

#NOMORE Today, We Remember... (Connie J...)

On this date, 16 years ago, we watched how nearly 3000 people lost their lives; while thousands more friends and family members were also affected, left with life-long physical and mental injuries.

We all watched, horrified, and wondered how ANY human being could inflict so much pain and suffering on innocent people.

Every day, thousands of Victims of Domestic Violence are viciously attacked, both physically AND mentally.

Some are spared, and are left with the effects to taint the rest of their lives. Hundreds of others are spared the life-long suffering, leaving behind others to mourn the choices of human beings.

I ask you to remember, daily, all lives lost to, or affected by the choices of human beings; and to join in saying #NOMORE!!!

Have a good day, and be safe...  #NOMORE #KNOWMORE 

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