Jul. 22, 2017

#NOMORE Consequences For Your Actions... (Connie J)

Usually associated with a "bad" decision. However, it can even happen in decisions made out of "good" motivation. One example of this would be in a Domestic Violence situation.

You are "madly" in love with your significant other. Periodically, you notice subtle little "putdowns", or negative/demeaning comments coming from your mate; it makes you wonder what you did to deserve to be communicated with in that manner. See how it affected your self esteem, already?

You question them about it, and they assure you it was just a misunderstanding on your part.
They say they love you, and would NEVER intentionally hurt you. You love them, so you want to believe them, right?

It begins to happen more, and more...just verbally at first; then, one day, they throw something past your head, or they hit you.

Things usually escalate quickly; and they're ALWAYS "sorry", and it "won't happen again".

If any of these sound familiar, there are options.
-Number One, is to realize THEY'RE the one with the problem.
-Number Two, is to get yourself safe. NO ONE deserves to be a Victim of Domestic Violence.

YOU do not deserve to be a Victim of Domestic Violence...

Have a good day, and be safe...

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