May. 30, 2017

#NOMORE Triggers...You Just Never Know... (Connie J)

I have a Friend that had a Domestic Violence situation take place about three years ago. Something happened at work, a few weeks ago, that triggered her; and she had to work her way out of her post-trigger "paralyzation". She IS back to work, and has strengthened her resolve.

Unfortunately, we never know when, or how we'll be affected by triggers. They can appear at the darnedest times. They can come from a familiar scent, sound, or even the way another person makes you feel.

In her particular situation, she kind of knew what she was in for, and am sure she had NO idea she would be affected the way she was.

My initial reaction was anger that she was placed IN that situation; however, life happens, and you can either face your triggers, or let them rule you for the rest of your life.

I know that my Friend is stronger, now. She is continuing to "Fight the Good Fight", and NOT letting fear control her.

Have a good day, and be safe...   #NOMORE #KNOWMORE

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