May. 26, 2017

#NOMORE Mysterious Ways... (Connie J...)

Heard a story, once, that kind of goes like this: A man ended up deserted on an island. Every day, he prayed for God to come and take him off the island. One day, a man rowed by on a kayak. He asked the guy to go with - he said God was going to come and take him off the island. Kayak guy rowed away. Then a guy on a pontoon arrived on island, and asked guy to go with. He said God was going to come and take him off the island. Pontoon guy puttered away. Then an ocean liner sent an envoy and asked the guy to go with; he gave them same story. Next day, he's getting frustrated and tells God he's angry because He hasn't come and taken him off the island. God told him, "I sent you a kayak, a pontoon and even an ocean liner!!! You didn't take the help I sent you!!!"

Sometimes, this is the way it goes in a Domestic Violence situation. You feel "stuck". Different people try and help you, and all the answers really are available;  but you have to wait for the right time and assistance. There are so MANY factors to consider.

Don't let the fear of remaining in your situation keep you stuck. You just have to keep trying as the opportunities present themselves.

Have a good day & be safe... #NOMORE #KNOWMORE 

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