Apr. 3, 2017

#NOMORE Residuals... (Connie J)

I have had a headache for nearly the last two and a half weeks. There's a reason for mentioning this...it has affected my everyday life; AND it's a residual from growing up in a Domestic Violence situation.

It started as the result of a stressful situation, and continues, as I still have stress in my life. I took the steps to make sure it wasn't medical - had two CT scans; and saw my Dr to rule out medical causes. 

That being said, I even talked to my Counselor about it - we agreed I have done as much as I can to be "current" with my feelings. I talk to her, and my friends; I journal; I deal with issues that come up.

I mention all this, because this is what can happen, sometimes, to Survivors of Domestic Violence. They do all they can to survive, and deal with the effects; and it sneaks up on them. You re going on with your normal life, and BAM...it hits you from nowhere!!!

All you can do, as a Survivor, is keep current with your feelings, talk, journal...sometimes reaching out to help someone else. Just keep going. Do NOT give up!!!

As a Support Person, just listen and be there. They don't need you to "fix", counsel, or even give advice; just be there. 

Have a good day, and be safe...   #NOMORE #KNOWMORE 

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