Mar. 28, 2017

#NOMORE Fighting the Good Fight... (Connie J)

I have REALLY been agonizing over this. Is Domestic Violence Awareness enough? What kind of a difference can we really make, if people don't want to change? I'm not even talking about this specifically from a Victim, or a Perpetrator perspective, either.

I am just facing a little moment of frustration. Not giving up the fight...just reviewing, and trying to reboot my drive. The desire to help is still there...but have we grown so much into a Victim society? It seems like the "fight" has gone out of people. We want everyone else to "fix it", so we don't have to do anything to survive, but exist. Change everyone else...this is the way our society has devolved.

I get very frustrated in my daily battle, so what? Everyone we just stop, and give up the fight? NO!!! We take a moment, re-evaluate our perspective and possibilities, and persevere.

We all have to do our part - Victim, Support Person...KEEP FIGHTING!!!

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