Mar. 18, 2017

#NOMORE Some of the Questions of Domestic Violence... (Connie J)

Are you able to just "live your life"? Is it "business as usual"? Are you always feeling there is something hanging over your head, and you're waiting for something bad to happen?

What kind of mood will they be in when I/they get home? Will it be a good night, or will there be fighting? Will I have to go to the Hospital, this time?

How does this affect my children? Will they grow up to become abusers?

How many more excuses can I give to explain the bruises?

What did I do to deserve this kind of abuse? Am I a horrible person?

How much longer will my job be so understanding? If I lose my job, how am I ever going to save money?

They don't hit me, so it's not that bad, right?

I know there are MANY more questions...if you ask yourself any of these, or more, on a regular basis, you may be a victim...

Thank you, have a good day, and be safe...      #NOMORE   #KNOWMORE

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