Feb. 28, 2017

#NOMORE Domestic. Violence... (Connie J)

As I was preparing for the Art Show we had this last weekend, I was inspired by the theme, "Domestic Violence. What goes on behind closed doors.", to write a poem. Here it is...

Domestic. Violence.
What goes on behind closed doors?
Have you ever thought of
That question before?
"Well, it doesn't affect me,
Or my daily life.
Why should I worry about
Someone else's daughter or wife?
Now, I'm not saying they deserve it.
But, why don't they just leave?
If it's THAT bad,
Why do they keep
Acting like life's just great?
If it's that bad, just go!!!"
Since you've not been in the situation
How do YOU know?
There's much more involved
Than that question, alone.
Power and control, are just the tip
Of the iceberg unknown.
So before you cast judgment
On another, I implore
You to take a closer look
At what's behind THAT CLOSED DOOR...

I again encourage to look closely behind your own door, and the doors of those you love and hold dear...

Have a good day, and be safe...             #NOMORE         #KNOWMORE

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