Feb. 24, 2017

#NOMORE What's Behind YOUR Door?...         (Connie J)

When we talk about Domestic Violence Awareness, do you often think about it as "other people's problem"? Have you ever thought about what's behind YOUR closed door? Nobody's life is perfect, we all know that, and there are normal "bumps in the road" in EVERY relationship and family. But, as you think about your own life, and home, does anything we've discussed ever sound even vaguely familiar.

As we prepare for the Second Annual "Artisan's Against Domestic Violence" Art Show, this weekend, I ask you to take a moment and REALLY think about what IS behind your closed door. Is there freedom for all who live there to express their true feelings in a healthy way - without being mocked or belittled for how they feel? Are you free to be your TRUE self, both at home or in public, with family or friends, without having to worry all the time? Do you feel like you always have to lie when someone asks you how you're doing? Do you feel you have to convince yourself, and everyone else you're really okay? Do you feel, when you're out in public, that people look at you with pity in their eyes, because of the way your partner treats you?

I work with the public, and often see couples and families "in their natural state". I hear how the parents talk to the children, or how one partner talks to the other. Let's just say I've "seen things, terrible things". It always makes me think, "If that's how they act in public, how much WORSE do they act in the privacy of their home?" Sometimes, it really scares me, I'm not gonna lie. All I can do is say a little prayer for them at the time, and when I recall the situation I usually do, also.

The theme for the Art Show is: Domestic Violence. Behind closed doors...

I ask you to REALLY LOOK at your own "door"...your life..

Have a good day, and be safe...    #NOMORE   #KNOWMORE

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