Jan. 22, 2017

#NOMORE Journalling to Help Heal... (Connie J)

Have you ever journalled?

Although, I do fail at doing it, sometimes when I REALLY should, I am a firm believer it really can help in ANY situation; but can be ESPECIALLY helpful in a Domestic Violence situation. It can help you remember details, if you're still involved; and can help you begin to heal from it, also.

You do want to keep it in a safe place, however. If you can't keep it at home, maybe at a trusted friend's home? I had a friend, once, who was messaging me on Facebook, and her significant other read all she had told me. He ended up leaving her later, and moving on with someone else, but it was a little scary for a while. Please keep that in mind, and keep yourself safe.

However, whether it's on paper, on your phone or computer, or even if you write it down and then burn it in the fireplace - getting it out can be helpful. It doesn't have to be formal, neat, or even necessarily legible.

Even if you are no longer in that unsafe situation - JOURNAL.

I have a LOT fewer things banging around in my head when I journal. It's therapeutic, and sometimes, even when I'm blogging, I'm journalling. Just start...it will come...

Have a good day, and be safe...       #NOMORE    #KNOWMORE

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