Jan. 4, 2017

#NOMORE New Year, New...NOW WHAT??! (Connie J)

Have been thinking all week, and yes, perusing Facebook, all in trying to come up with the sometimes elusive "Original Thought"!!!

However, the bottom-line is that when it comes to Domestic Violence, EVERY idea to fight it, IS an original thought.

As I've stated before, we all have to be on our toes and coming up with more creative ways to battle it, because the perpertrators are being more creative and subtle.

The only difference is, they're trying to cover their bad choices. We have to more than counter-punch; we have to punch back deeper and harder (figuratively, of course), in order to make progress.

I believe it CAN happen.

Most "New Year Resolutions" fall by the wayside by the end of week two, I believe - if THAT long.

How can YOU battle Domestic Violence? Be creative. There are ALWAYS things needed at the Shelters, all year round. Keep the Christmas "giving spirit" going!!! Have you read any information, and gained knowledge about it? Do you have that nagging "I should be doing more" feeling?

No time like the present.

As always, if you are a Victim - PLEASE contact a local shelter, your pastor, a teacher or a professor, or a trusted friend.


Have a good day, and be safe...


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