Dec. 16, 2016

#NOMORE The Scars We Bear... (Connie J...)

There are many types of scars left from Domestic Violence situations. Some are seen, some are not. Most will fade with time; but they represent a part of who you were, and how you became the person you are, today. THAT YOU SURVIVED.

This is why there is NO shame in a scar. It may take time to get to that point, but give yourself that time. That is part of the healing process. If you have children, your dealing with your scars, will help them to deal with theirs. Even those they, or you, may not realize exist.

Emotional scarring happens, too. This can affect how you and your children react to certain situations you may come across in your daily life. Something even as seemingly insignificant as a mother simply reprimanding her child. You never know when a "trigger" may occur.

This is why working on or through your feelings, etc, is very important. It will help you understand, and process things that "bother" you, or leave you feeling upset. Again, this WILL get better with time. But if you do NOT deal with it, or just brush it away; it will usually fester, and possibly manifest itself in a reaction that seems a lot bigger than the situation calls for (possibly causing one to feel MORE shame).

As I've stated before, I'm a recovering self-mutilator. I have scars - some seen, some not seen. Although I am not ashamed of any of them, I am not necessarily proud, either. I am glad I survived. THAT is what they symbolize to me - SURVIVAL.

I just wanted to shed some light on something that can cause shame for some people. Life is hard enough, let's not add to the difficulty.

Have a good day, and be safe...    #NOMORE   #KNOWMORE

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