Nov. 7, 2016

#NOMORE Choices... (Connie J...)

Life is full of choices, right? Day in, day out, there are choices to be made; and most of the time, you just make them without much thought involved . 

If you're a Victim of Domestic Violence, you may have no idea you're allowed to make choices. In extreme cases, the abusive partner has been so covertly controlling, that even a simple, "How are you?", from a friend, requires a look to them for the answer.

Now, you may sit there and wonder, "How can anyone follow someone else THAT blindly??!" 

One of the emotionally abusive techniques is "Gaslighting". The abuser tricks the Victim repeatedly into not trusting their own perception and memories. Some statements could be similar to, "You're just trying to confuse me."; "You thought that last time and you were wrong, remember?"; "You have an overactive imagination."; "You're going to let someone like that come between us?"; "I don't have to take this.", etc. Statements that seem innocent, right?

I'm no expert; but emotional abuse, to this writer, seems like it may be harder to recover from than some physical abuses.

Does any of this sound familiar in either your own relationship, or the relationship of someone you know? Do you know YOU can ask them about it? If you get a "Gaslight" kind of answer, that is a good place to start. You may have just found a #NOMORE.

No one derserves to be controlled and abused.

Have a good day, and be safe...

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